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LovABLE Services/Chris's Coffee & Custard


LovABLE Services Inc. training programs and Chris's Coffee & Custard would not be possible without our many community donors and sponsors! We are so grateful for all our founding donors, brick donors, customers, sponsors, and all our community who have come along side us to train and support our young adults with special abilities. 

For more information on how you can become a Sponsor > click here. To donate, simply click the donate button in the header.


Don't forget about Amazon Smile and Kroger Community Rewards!

Chris's Coffee & Custard

Founding Donors



There are no words to thank you, Robbie, for the blessing you have been to us!  We could not have done any of this without your generosity and kindness.  Thank you for believing in our vision.  

You have seen the development of Chris's Coffee & Custard from the ground up.  Worts and all!  


You have fulfilled hopes and dreams that would never have been possible without you. You are a God send to us. We will be forever grateful!


THANK YOU SO much Steve Firebaugh and Kenny Garrett.  You opened your heart to us and believed in us.  Chris is your number one fan!


You came to our shop and had a vision of what it would look like. You thought of every detail, made wonderful suggestions and picked the perfect furniture for Chris's. Your donation of Chris's furniture was amazing! It is all SO perfect and looks beautiful! Your design of the furniture setup was perfect.      


We are so blessed and thankful to all of your hard work and caring you put into making our reality look amazing!  


 THANK YOU SO much to Gene Collier and the Mission Committee for the opportunity to share our vision with you!  And a HUGE thank you to the Presbytery of the Peaks PCUSA for the amazing grant designated for the custard machine and supplies!


We are so blessed and thankful to all of the 118 Presbyterian churches that make up the Presbytery of the Peaks.  


THANK YOU SO much to Freedom First Credit Union, Dave Prosser and the Community Development team for the gracious Community Investment Grant that you awarded to LovABLE SERVICES!  


Our local community is so amazing and supportive of us! Thank you for believing in our mission to make a positive change in the life of a person with special abilities!

Community Health & Outreach

Thank you to Carilion Clinic for selecting LovABLE SERVICES as a Recipient Organization for a Grant award of $10,000 from Community Health and Outreach.  


We are very excited to have the support of Carilion Clinic and are happy to be located in close proximity to the Carilion Health Care facilities. Carilion Clinic is committed to improving the health of the local communities they serve and we are very blessed to be chosen as one of the key companies to receive a targeted grant as a supported community health improvement program!


First Citizen Bank has been very supportive of LovABLE SERVICES and Chris's Coffee & Custard!


The banking experience has been wonderful and they are all so helpful and great to work with. We appreciate the willingness to provide a start-up donation and are willing to continue supporting our businesses through sponsorships, fundraisers and volunteer support!


We are SO thankful and blessed to have been given an AMAZING grant from the Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia!  Their belief in our vision and our mission for the special abilities community in Roanoke and surrounding areas is truly a God send.  This grant will fulfill hopes and dreams of many adults and their families!  Opportunities and doors will open to many that believed would never happen.  

THANK YOU TO ALL THE DONORS that opened their hearts and gave money to the Community Foundation to make dreams come true!  I wish we could thank you in person but please know that you made a huge impact in our young adults lives!!  


THANK YOU SO much to Bobby Cooper and the Endowment Fund Committee for the opportunity to share our vision with you!  And a HUGE thank you for believing in our dreams and goals.  


Your amazing grant designated for the super espresso machine was such a blessing! It enables us to train our employees to make and serve a wonderful coffee drink with success! They will serve it with a smile and be proud to have been able to perform the task with success.  We are so blessed and thankful to all of the supporters and donors to this Endowment Fund.  


THANK YOU SO much to KOVAR for the amazing grant!  We were able to buy the second custard machine, the washer and dryer, and the awesome ADA accessible patio furniture with the gracious grant that you awarded to LovABLE SERVICES!  


We are so thankful there are organizations that raise money to specifically serve individuals with disabilities.  Our local community is so amazing and supportive of us!  Thank you for believing in our mission to make a positive change in the lives of our employees!  


Come sit on the patio furniture, enjoy a custard product and get ready for a big hug! 


We had a wonderful Roanoke Valley Gives day on March 13th!  Thank you so much to everyone who donated and/or checked out our page,  It meant the world to us! 


A huge THANK YOU to DeAnna Phillips Munsey and the stylists at SportsClips for an awesome month of August partnering with Chris’s!!!  So much fun!  Thank you for all the hard work and sharing Chris’s with your customers and friends!


We are truly grateful for welcoming us to your 220 and Salem stores.  We look forward to continuing this partnership and seeing you at the shop when we open.  



Raising funds for Chris's photo

Thank you

to our many Donors...

Alan Woodrum, Robbie Hebert, Clark Worthy, David Lowen, Patrick Perkins, Doug Call, Greg Feldmann, Brad Collins, Leslie Burzynski, Debbie Boone, Jenna Harris, Dawn Martin, Brown Edwards, Jim Schaefer - CAC- Pickleball tourney, Nobel Office Furniture - Steve Firebaugh and Kenny Garrett, Kimberly Daniels - Barrows Flooring, Amazon Smile Program, Kroger Community Rewards, Alex Bowles & Robin Ramsey, Jessica Sheets - MaryKay, Cheryl Willis - Sabika, Angelic Yeaman, Maud Carver, Ralph and Ann Greenway, Dr. Austin Spruill, Tiffany Holland - Roanoke Times, Lindsay Ward - WSLS10, Sara Machi - WDBJ7, Annie Anderson - WSET13, Ford Carson - WFXR, Dave Funk, Brad Vanderwarker, and many others.

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