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Chris's Coffee & Custard is a unique coffee and custard shop! We will serve you a wonderful cup of coffee, a delicious cup of custard or a tasty food item while creating opportunities for gainful and meaningful employment for individuals of all walks of life, focusing on our special needs community.


The majority of Chris’s employees will be individuals that have special gifts and talents.  Having a job creates pride, dignity, honor and respect.  Our shop will provide opportunities for young adults with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities to enhance life skills, social skills and unique job skills. Our desire is to empower and enhance the lives of these special young adults, while promoting their independence. Our most significant goal is to make a positive change in a person’s life.


the name

Beth and Alan Woodrum are the proud parents of three boys - the youngest, Chris, has Down Syndrome.  Chris was blessed with two older brothers that taught him he could accomplish anything he put his mind to, and to set goals, and never give up.  


Chris has so many wonderful gifts and talents.  He loves life and always brings a smile to anyone who meets him. Beth (along with Chris's input!) developed Chris's Coffee & Custard as a way to help bridge the gap between the community and the people with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities who are integrating themselves in the workplace and everyday life - becoming more valued, accepted, and included in our local community.


our products

Coffee & Custard

Chris's Coffee & Custard provides vanilla and chocolate custard from our original recipes which is made fresh daily at our shop. We have a variety of desserts made with our custard from a scoop in a cup or our homemade waffle cones, in milkshakes, or try our signature Gob (between two cookies).

Our coffee is locally roasted and blended specially for us - Chris's Blend. You can buy it by the bag, ground or whole bean as well.

Come for breakfast, lunch, or for an evening treat. Our homemade chicken salad is served on a bed of lettuce or on a croissant. We have a variety of baked goods and sandwiches. Check out our full menu > here!

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