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Our Story

Beth Woodrum was blessed with an awesome son, Chris, who has Down Syndrome.  Beth had a dream for Chris and others in the community to create opportunities for gainful and meaningful employment for individuals of all walks of life, focusing on our special needs community.  Having a job and receiving a paycheck will give them a sense of dignity, purpose, belonging and develop independence.


These individuals with special God given gifts, talents and abilities will definitely create positive changes in our customers and our community! Our most significant goal is to make a positive change in a person’s life.

Beth and Chris, owners

Chris's older brothers, Taylor and Josh, have always taught him that he can achieve anything! They encouraged Chris to set his goals, reach high, work hard, and never give up. Most importantly, never let anyone steal your dreams.  Chris has always done that and he is excited to see his dream become a reality at our coffee shop!

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